want to contribute? send photos of you or your crew holding messages of loving resistance to this address: inlovingresistance at gmail dot com

here are some guiding questions if you are having a hard time getting started:
•what messages do you have to share that contradict the messages that the travel bans, a big wall, the new hate graffiti, the ICE raids (etc.) send?

•what do you want to say to the people or places that are being targeted by the current u.s. administration?
•what are you fighting for and why?
•write a law that you would pass today if you had the power.

the following will be posted along with your photograph if you choose to share it:
•first name
•where you’re writing from
•why you chose the message you chose

feel free to write in any language (and please provide translation).

all photos will be posted (with the exception of messages containing hate speech).

please share/repost this site, we hope to feature kazillions of voices and we can’t wait to hear from you!

in loving resistance always,